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What does the service cost to you?

What does the service cost to you?


Treatment provided to patients is offered in conjunction with a resident’s care plan. It will be ordered by the resident’s attending physicians as they would any other consulting treatment plan. After that has been determined, the resident’s care plan would be facilitated. Our treatment is separate and apart from the care provided by the facility and the treatments provided in the rehabilitation department by physical or occupational therapy. Our clinicians' bill as Medicare Part B providers with NO CHARGE to a facility or the resident. Our doctors will become credentialed clinicians on staff at your facility.

With no expenditure to your facility, we can provide priceless benefits that will assist your organization to: 

  • Be compliant with F-309, Quality of Care and Pain Management
  • Improve Survey Outcomes: Surveyors at facilities where our services are provided have a positive feedback during the survey process 
  • Provide a positive modality for Care Planning: We provide a non -pharmacological intervention that you can use in your care planning process and completion of the residents MDs.
  • Compliment your palliative care program.

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